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Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of artificial turf?

The total cost for an artificial grass installation typically ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot depending on the final material chosen, any custom features, and the complexity of the site. Different projects have different price ranges, and large projects receive volume discounts.

How do you install turf?

These include measuring the area and removing any old stuff from it so that only smooth soil remains at first glance. Then comes laying down each layer by hand or with heavy machinery until everything has set enough for traffic flow. Next is compacting the ground which helps make sure water drains properly.

Can I DIY turf myself?

There are several important steps, such as ensuring proper slope drainage that can be difficult to do on your own. To get the best longevity and proper installation, we always recommend hiring someone that has a lot of experience installing artificial turf.

Are there disadvantages to turf?

Artificial turf installation is an investment that can be costly. Not all materials are created equal, and the higher quality ones will cost you extra money upfront but it's worth considering for water savings alone—you'll eliminate the need for mowing.

What are the benefits to using artificial grass?

There are so many benefits. First, it is very durable, and will require no water or mowing maintenance, which will save you a lot of money year after year. It lasts for decades, is non-toxic, safe for pets and kids, and without the brown and green stains!

I have pets, how do I clean it?

Cleaning is easy, just remove solid waste as soon as you can. hose down the soiled area with water, then spray the area with cleaners designed specifically for turf. This makes sure the stains and odors are eliminated. Turf is meant to drain water like real grass too.

Are there different types of turf materials?

There are different materials that pertain to the usage requirements and the foot traffic. Sports fields for example require more durable materials than those used for aesthetic purposes only. There are also different pile heights and infills used, which provide support and structure to the grass. We will work with you to pick out the most suitable material for your needs.

How long does artificial turf last?

With the proper care, artificial grass can last up to 20 years! Think about all the water and lawn maintenance costs you save during that time. It's a worthwhile investment that increases your property value and pays itself back in half the time.